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There’s a world out there, you must understand

Art is a way to make sense of the world. It is a language all of itself that provides an artist with the vocabulary to express great joy, immense sadness and extraordinary turmoil; both as an individual and in response to what is happening around us in the world.

It is a tool for us to tell stories and through those stories we can connect with audiences; shock them, fascinate them and delight them. This exhibition will be one that probably will do all three.

Sara Ferrington and Dan Kershaw collectively have a wealth of experience as makers; painters, sculptures, designers, textile artists and performers. In their upcoming exhibition titled There’s a world out there, you must understand, they combine almost all of them in a whimsical experience that welcomes the viewer to travel alongside their main character.

Their relationship with the Wilderness Gallery began more than 2 years ago, when the Curator, Kylie Eastley invited them to work on the Children’s Room. After much discussion and numerous designs Dan and Sara landed on a feature piece that would incorporate the environment with an old school opportunity for play. They created a large framed cave-like structure that sits within the space and invites children to crawl through the tunnels to investigate. There are pillows in the shape of logs and branches, large textile leaves for using as blankets or the wall of a fort. The structure is painted and covered in small textile berries, flowers and leaves and is the perfect environment for weary children, and their parents, at the end of a day of walking at Cradle Mountain.

Neither of these artists are new to creating quirky artworks and their Devil’s Den in the Wilderness Gallery has struck a chord with visitors of all ages. The upcoming exhibition, TAWOTYMU for short is a mixed media installation/3D picture book that tells the story of Evie, a young girl on an abstract journey through a strange fantasy land. Is it a dream? Is it real? Is she the White Lady the prophecy talks about, the salvation of the creatures who inhabit this world?

Drawing on inspiration from myriad pop culture tropes, Dan and Sara have brought a world into existence that is both weirdly unfamiliar, and unsettlingly familiar. Each “page” is a riot of colour and activity, with secrets and surprises to delight and engage adults and children alike. The artists have utilised found objects, scavenged timbers, contents of a Third Drawer Down, and op shop hauls to build an installation that invites the viewer to look at their own consumption habits, imagine a world that might be post-human, and restores value and beauty to Lost Things and waste.

The exhibition will be showing Thursday 15th Feb – Sunday 3rd Jun 2018.