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The Hidden Life of Trees

Showing Saturday 27 October 2018 – Thursday 28th February 2019

Two things have driven the development of this joint exhibition by Cindy Watkins and Debra Wills, a love of trees and textiles.

The Hidden Life of Trees is inspired by the native forests of Tasmania and the book by Peter Wohlleben of the same name that explores the complex system through which trees communicate, nurture, defend and support each other through their root systems and live in symbiotic relationship with fungi, birds, insects and animals.  Just the thought of trees living such a rich life, communicating, nurturing and mourning each other in their tight knit communities had both Watkins and Wills diving for their respective sewing machine and needles.

Image credit: Cindy Watkins, 5000 Trees: Tree 315 – 365, 2018.

Cover Image: Deb Wills, While I live I’ll Grow, 2018, Botanical contact print on wool blanketing with rust paint.