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Sarah Ferrington & Dan Kershaw

Exhibition: There’s A World Out There, You Must Understand I Artwork: The Devil’s Den

Sara Ferrington and Dan Kershaw are contemporary artists who draw on their whole experience as artists, designers, makers and parents to create fantastical artworks and installations that a riot of colour and activity, with secrets and surprises to delight and engage adults and children alike.  They utilised found objects, scavenged timbers and op shop hauls that invites viewers to look at their own consumption habits, imagine a world that might be post-human, and restores value and beauty to lost things and waste.

Based in Northern Tasmania, Sara and Dan have presented work at a number of festivals, while exhibiting their own individual work at galleries across the state. Occasionally they combine forces to deliver larger scale work including ‘The Devil’s Den’ in The Children’s Room which has struck a chord with visitors of all ages.