The ‘Artist in Residence’ (AIR) program at Cradle Mountain.

The Artist in Residency Program (AIR) offers artists, writers and musicians from around the world an opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of Cradle Mountain.

Offering access to accommodation, an artists workroom, gallery space and some creature comforts, this residency is the only one of it’s kind in Tasmania.

The program began in December 2016 and has included:
– Jon Kudelka (Cartoonist & Author)
– Phillip England (Tintype Photography)
– Jennifer Rooke (Drawing)
– Kate Piekutowsk (Painting)
– Josh Foley (Painting)

To find out more please email

or call +61 3 6492 1404.



“Nothing is more important to an artist than peace and quiet, time for reflection, inspiring surroundings and a supportive environment. My two week residency at Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery brought me all these things and more. I have rarely experienced a more potent and satisfying artistic sabbatical. Curator Kylie Eastley’s perceptive and generous support throughout was invaluable.  I was able to quietly develop and explore creative avenues in the magical wilderness surrounding the Gallery and in the studio space within.  I’d do it again at the drop of a hat!”

– Phillip England, TinType Tasmania Photographer

“Cradle Mountain is a special place and when the opportunity came up to spend some time as a resident artist here, I jumped at the chance. My first response was to focus on the wildlife through paintings on canvas and pyrography on specialty timbers and I’m working on a book of sketches focusing on people interacting with the World Heritage Area.
The variable weather gave me the opportunity to split my time walking and working in the studio. One day I swam in Crater Lake in the sunshine and the next I walked into Dove Lake in the snow. Kylie and Cradle Mountain Hotel have done a great job revitalising the gallery area and setting up a great opportunity for artists to experience this beautiful place”

– Jon Kudelka, Cartoonist and Author