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Artworks: Test

David is a textile artist and sculptor who has been obsessed with the Thylacine for more than a decade. His faux felts sit within the large 1860s cabinet in the Tiger Room alongside the beautifully hand sculptured Tiger busts, which are made from moulding wax.

In another cabinet sits the bronze bust of the Thylacine that was produced from one of the wax heads. His collection includes fiction and non fiction books on the subject and hundreds of newspaper clippings that have been saved over the years.

David is absolutely committed to portraying the Tasmanian Tiger as it was and has worked closely with Dr Stephen Sleightholme from London Museum to ensure that the proportions are correct.

David’s collection of bones, furs, busts, trappers tools, books and an original Golden Possum buggy rug provide extraordinary insight into the world of the Thylacine and the artist.