Making Place

Jane Bamford, Nanna Bayer, Viv Cutbush, Neil Hoffman, Janny McKinnon, Ben Richardson, Catherine Rogers (NSW) Serena Rosevear, Yasmin Smith (NSW)

Curated by Dee Taylor-Graham

Showing Friday 8 March 2019 –  Monday 8 July 2019

To be Tasmanian is to be in and of this place. From kunanyi to Cradle Mountain, via the high and low lands between, there is something about Tasmania that touches one deeply. For the artists in this exhibition, their connection to and experience of this land is a source, not only of inspiration, but also material and process. In using the natural materials; stone, mud, kelp, clay from the places they feel close to, these artists invite us to a particular awareness that in turn, asks us to consider the places close to our hearts; their beauty and their fragility.


  1. Ben Richardson ‘Pairing: Reflect’ 2010 two torso vases, woodfired Tasmanian wild clays and glaze materials
  2. Janny McKinnon ‘So Much For Beauty (Momento Mori)’ 2019 Copper and sterling silver, Mt Lyell peacock ore and test core, found objects (detail)
  3. Serena Rosevear ‘Native 1b’ Unfired black cracking clay sourced from the Midlands of Tasmania, steel, acrylic sheet, fibre optic light panel
  4. Cover Image: Jane Bamford ‘Derwent River Ascidian’ 2018 Handbuilt Southern Ice Porcelain