Our Little Alpine Garden

As you are wandering your way through the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery, you’ll walk around a beautiful, inform alpine garden in the centre of the building. This little garden is fully encircled by our different gallery rooms of superb wilderness-inspired art and is a work of art in itself. The garden includes Tasmanian alpine and sub-alpine species such as myrtle beech, leatherwood and the striking pandani.

Guests are welcome to step into the alpine garden and see these plants close-up, before taking a stroll on the wilderness boardwalk in front of Cradle Mountain Hotel to see some larger specimens of some of these iconic and native Tasmanian plants. When you are walking the Wilderness Boardwalk, keep an eye out for an amazing stand of mature pepperberry trees, found only in the Tasmanian highlands. This understated but attractive plant provides Tasmanian chefs with a unique flavoured berry with which to season meats, salads and add to cheeses.

When you enter the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery, you’ll do so via our gift shop, where you will be given a copy of our Gallery map. This ma includes information on the alpine plants in our garden, so you can make your way around the garden and learn about each of the species.

A visit to Cradle Mountain is made richer by learning about the local flora and fauna and if your list of things to do at Cradle Mountain includes doing this, you’ll enjoy a visit to our little alpine garden to see some of Tasmania’s iconic plant species up close.