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Inspired by Tasmania’s Wilderness

The UNESCO Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area takes in a number of national parks and covers a large portion of the state. In fact, the area is approximately half the size of Massachusetts in the United States of America and if you were to compare it to somewhere closer to Australia, you could fit Singapore inside our World Heritage Area seventeen times!

The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery is inspired by Tasmania’s spectacular wilderness and our artists in residence draw on the setting to create works that show how special our place in the world is.

When you are visiting the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery, you have the opportunity to kick back in our movie room and watch ‘Wildness’, a documentary about Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis, two remarkable photographers who captured images of the Tasmanian wilderness and left a legacy that includes contributing to the prevention of the Franklin dam in Tasmania’s west. These two photographers, through their work, educated the public about some of Tasmania’s wild and remote wilderness and why it should be protected.

Two of the gallery rooms in the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery are dedicated to the works of Truchanas and Dombrovskis and the combination of taking these in along with watching ‘Wildness’ while on the doorstep of the UNESCO Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area will give you a true appreciation for the magnificent landscape and environment Tasmanians call home.