This River: Inception

Kelly Marie Slater

Friday 22 Jan, 2020 – Sunday 2 May, 2021

A photographic exploration of the Mersey River by Tasmanian lens based artist Kelly Slater.

This River currently called ‘Mersey’ has become entwined with the life of Kelly Slater as a constant yet evolving presence in her thoughts.

It has sustained life and spirit of a region for millennia, shaping the land and the lives of the people who depend upon it. The river we know, the one we can see, is wide and placid. Subdued by dams and bridges it meanders through broad agricultural valleys. Yet beyond our view there is a river few of us know: A wild river running through deep gorges and forests.

Inception is drawn from the first series of images produced by Kelly during her explorations of the river over the last year, December 2019 – 2020. Her knowledge and respect for the river is growing, having physically traversed around half the length of the river by foot and watercraft, covering sections of each geographic region of the riverine system: Headwaters, lakes, gorges, lowlands, and tidal reaches. Some areas of the river remain unseen, so her explorations will continue.


Images courtesy of the Artist.

Karst Forms, Mole Creek, Karts National Park, August 2020.
Framed Inkjet Print. Edition 1/5


Paperbark Delta, Pig Island, Latrobe, April 2020.                                                        Digital Photograph, Laminate Mount. Edition 1/5

Tempest, Lake Rowallan, September 2020.                                                                Framed Inkjet Print. Edition 1/5

Tidal Mist, River Mouth, Devonport, September 2020.                                               Digital Photograph, Laminate Mount. Edition 1/5

Lewis Falls, Upper Mersey Valley, October 2020.                                                       Digital Photograph, Laminate Mount. Edition 1/5