The Absence of Presence


Saturday 14 March – Sunday 12 July, 2020

*Extended Dates* Now showing until Sunday 8 November, 2020

In this exhibition contemporary Tasmanian artist, Gina, turns her gaze from our sometimes, too wondrous landscape, to trees within it.

Dying, large tracts of land have become, or are becoming, denuded of trees. Trees make rain.
The wind blows and there is no rain.

Gina is drawn to the beautiful shapes of individual trees, mainly Eucalypts, highlighting them by isolating the tree from its landscape. Blue, to catch the eye, creating presence; solitary, fragile, gentle.

A moment of contemplation.
Not-yet nor no-longer,
when enough things are absent,
the absence takes on a presence of its own.


Image credit:

GINA, 2019, Absence: Presence 3, Acrylic/pastel and archival ink on cotton rag paper, A1 Framed.

GINA, 2019, Walk with the Moon and Me – Triptych, Photographic print using archival inks on 300gsm rag cotton paper.