Tarkine In Motion: A Retrospective

Bob Brown Foundation

Saturday 15 February –  Sunday 14 June, 2020

*Extended Dates* Now showing until Sunday 18 October, 2020

A retrospective of the last five Tarkine in Motion exhibitions featuring over 35 contributing artists.

Tarkine in Motion is Australia’s biggest environmental arts project.  For five years hundreds of artists have visited takayna / Tarkine with the Bob Brown Foundation, immersing in some of the wildest, most beautiful and most threatened landscapes to take action through art.

Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine is a key part of the island’s wilderness, Australia’s largest temperate rainforest is at the heart of this last great wild place.  One of the last wild places on Earth, takayna is a critical stronghold for endemic, rare and endangered species.  The coast is National Heritage listed as the Western Tasmania Aboriginal Cultural Landscape, with rich Aboriginal heritage values, including the greatest number, diversity and density of Aboriginal hut sites in Australia.

Tarkine in Motion brings the beauty and fragility of takayna / Tarkine to the rest of the world by exposing the threats of logging, mining and off-road vehicle damage to the natural environment.  Through the captive eyes of artists, we are able to share the threat and urgency with the world through their artwork.

Our artists explore a range of landscapes over one long weekend, from the vast expansive coastline of pristine beaches, to the giant Eucalyptus and Myrtle forests, to the rugged and wild rivers of takayna / Tarkine.

These artworks act as a call to action – a visual reminder of what is at stake, and what may be lost through the constant pressure to destroy wilderness for the sake of industry and profit.


Image credit:

Lou-Ann Barker, ‘Walking in the Footsteps of the takayna people’

Hillary Younger, ‘Ancestral Shore’

Loic Le Guilly, ‘Fog and Moon over Pieman River’