Sobrane Simcocky

Exhibition: Sobrane I Artwork: Yellowtails with King Billy

Sobrane is a street artist who draws inspiration from her home town of Broom in dusty North West Australia. The bird life of the surrounding country is vibrant and spectacular, characteristics that she translates directly onto wall and canvas. Wishing to invigorate and highlight the creativity of Broome, Sobrane has made a concerted effort to bring life and colour to many, otherwise dominating and uninspiring, walls around the town as well as undertaking projects across the country including a moving art installation in the form of a flock of Red tail Cockatoos emblazoned on 20 cars, trucks and vans migrating out through Australia, and more recently, was the first Australian women to complete a Silo project in the town of Tungamah, Northern Victoria. Sobrane has exhibited internationally in Rome, Singapore and Hong Kong.  In March 2018, Sobrane complete the stunning ‘Yellowtails with King Billy’ mural on the 24 meter exterior wall of the Wilderness Gallery in just under a week.