Seeing lutruwita

Chloe Papastavrou

19 February – 20 June, 2021

Seeing lutruwita is a series of works on paper that examine the textures, stories and pneuma of the Tasmanian landscape by emerging Tasmanian artist Chloe Papastavrou.

“I am fascinated by this place and the stories it holds” says Chloe.

“These paintings depict a number of landscapes that I have spent time contemplating. On the surface the beauty of a river, a mountain or track draws my attention but the more time spent there the landscape reveals itself beyond the aesthetic. My aim is to translate the connection I have to this place while also examining its past and contemporary reality. As I see, move through and paint these places I cannot help but ponder its pre-invasion state. I try to imagine the palawa clans that lived, traded, cultivated and thrived on these lands. As we listen, read and learn more about First Nations people of lutruwita it becomes instinctive to view the landscape through this lens. Ultimately, this work considers a number of vantage points both the physical and intangible.”