Pamela Horsley

Showing Saturday 15 June – Sunday 29 Sept, 2019

Otherworldliness is an exhibition of recent works by Poatina based artist Pamela Horsley that follows on from work recently hung in the 2019 John Glover and Bay of Fires (BOFA) Art Prizes.  Monotype prints, distinct from other printmaking techniques in that they produce only one unique image, play an integral part in this exhibition. In the largest works Horsley has worked in the time honoured manner of applying paint directly onto the printing plate before transferring the image to paper on a manually operated press. The collaged monotype prints in the remaining works have been painstaking hand printed, mostly from sawn logs. The four large painterly mono prints, Sanctuary # 1, 2, 3, and Enchanted Forest are from the same series as shown in the Glover and BOFA prizes.  The nudes inspired by a summer’s day spent in the idyllic creek setting of a near-by farm.  The women entwined in the bushland and immersed in the creek are symbolic of the dynamic relationship between the land and the people that inhabit it that continues to inspire and inform Horsley’s life and practice.







Image: Pamela Horsely, 2018, Sanctuary 1, monoprint (detail).