Navigating the Boulder-fields of kunanyi

Adrian Bradbury

Friday 20 November, 2020 – Sunday 21 March, 2021

Based on the optical and physical navigational challenges involved in ascending the steep Lost World Track high on the flank on kunanyi.

This unformed track is indistinct from the fallen jumble of car-sized dolerite boulders that it steeply ascends. Occasional boulders have been hand-painted with circular red and yellow track-markers to help guide the way. However, these markers are beginning to fade and are increasingly hard to spot as they blend in visually with the circular lichen that also colonise the boulders.

As one ascends this steep track, scrambling with hands and feet over rough dolerite, avoiding the deep-dark-clefts between the rocks, one gets a sense of the mark of humans fading into the depth of an ancient, slow geology. These dolerite boulders having been formed during the Jurassic Period 170 million years ago.

Images courtesy of the artist.
Cover: Boulder Field Diptich