Legacy of the Wild

Fiona Francois

4 June – 19 Sept 2021

An exhibition of charcoal and graphite pencil on paper inspired by the fallen trees of the forest and the kings and queens of long ago …
‘Time, the elements, and the scourge of human crusades, have engraved a story into the fallen trees of forests long forgotten. Through the twisted limbs and knotted bark, etched lines and burnt scars, a twisted tale emerges of the once mighty kings and queens of ancient forests. Perhaps this telling may remind us that we have a shared vulnerability to the ravages of time – the weathering, the hardships and the loss, as well as a collaborative need to grow and prosper. We often forget our unity with nature, especially our interdependence, but the legacy of the wild has a critical lesson to teach us if we would only but look.’
– Fiona Francois