EXTREME; a group exhibition of Tasmanian photographers

Showing until Saturday 30 September, 2017

This exhibition was developed as part of Ten Days on the Island and curated by our curator, Kylie Eastley.

In the tradition of masters such as Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis, the extreme artists have pushed their own limits to give voice to the broken, the forgotten, the fragile, the ravaged and the muted.

Extreme means something different to us all but I have noticed with interest the extraordinary lengths and drive from photographers to document a moment or capture a feeling. Hours, days and weeks of waiting, exploring and searching can result in that one photograph. In curating this work I felt it important not to distract from the image itself. To simply pin the printed photographs to the wall and make them vulnerable and accessible to the viewer and the elements; much like the photographer is vulnerable, was important for me.

While early photography was male dominated, over the last 15 years there has been an increase in women taking to remote areas across Tasmania and bringing a different eye, discussion and focus.This exhibition gives voice to these women

– Kylie Eastley

Extreme includes work from a number of accomplished Tasmanian photographers who are constantly pushing themselves to the limit to capture the extremes in their environment and to bring distant struggles into sharp focus.This includes; Kelli Nalder, Rick Eaves, Arwen Dyer, Hillary Younger, Rob Blakers, Olivia Hickey, Dan Broun, Carol Maney, Peter Dombrovskis, Nicole Anderson. Alongside these sit the important photographs by Peter Dombrovskis. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience how the photographer merges with the environment and what inspires them.

"The Path" - Dan Broun
"Rogue" - Hillary Younger