Devotional Pictures

Loralee Newitt

Saturday 1 November, 2020 – Sunday 14 Feb, 2021

‘We are all looking for angels or something to hold onto.’

Created from a combination of, a preference for what is beautiful and an endeavour to give sensation, Devotional Pictures is a hope to solidify the feelings of one moment, in order to preserve and keep them from inevitable decay.

Created during the covid-19 pandemic this collection of original works by Tasmanian born, Queensland based artist Loralee Newitt are painted on 400gsm Fabriano fine art paper; woven impressions and suggestions of decadent moments grasped and held together in place.


Cover Image: Loralee Newitt, Dancing with trees the size of churches, 2020, 50 x 70 cm, Oil on 400gsm primed Fabriano fine art paper Dancing with trees the size of churches,