Bill Cotching

Friday 5 Feb, 2021 – Sunday 30 May, 2021

In the work of Tasmanian ceramisit Bill Cotching the elements of earth and fire combine to reveal a unique fusion manifest in every pot and sculpture. Each piece naturally develops with slightly irregular forms through the use of the traditional techniques of pinching and coiling. Their beauty lies in their imperfection, each pot embodying the story of the creative process and the earth they came from. Some are burnished by hand using a smooth beach stone to give a full lustre to the finished pot while locally sourced seaweed, sawdust and salt crystals are brought together in the ancient method of pit firing using locally sourced firewood to generate the necessary heat. The intensity of the fire within the pit is uncontrolled and this gives rise to the highly variable patterns, colours and effects on the surface of each object. This whole creative process is about Acceptance rather than control.

Look deeply for the minute details that give each pot or sculpture its character; explore it with your hands and imagine how it would inherently add soul and dimension to any space in which it is displayed. You don’t have to understand why you’re drawn to it, but you do have to accept it as it is.