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Disparate Dialogue

Tarsh Bonnice & Susan Simonini

Showing Saturday 16 Nov, 2019 –  Monday 09 March, 2020

Tarsh Bonnice and Susan Simonini have approached this exhibition of ceramics with a similar vision and theme, but with vastly different approaches and techniques.

Tasmanian born Tarsh is truly familiar with the landscape – it is her history and her story. She has a love of nature and a familiarity with the local flora and botanicals of the North West. Tarsh wants us to observe the small details – the pattern in a leaf, the shape of a budding spring flower. It is this delicate detail of our endemic Tasmanian plants that she seeks to express in her wheel thrown, fine porcelain teapots and cups.

Susan Simonini, after a move from Queensland to North West Tasmania, has fallen in love with her new surroundings, from the rugged coastline and rolling hills, to the alpine landscape of Cradle Mountain. Whilst Tarsh is concerned with the micro, Susan’s work depicts the macro – abstracted images of sweeping landscapes and horizon lines – drawn and painted onto organic shaped forms, hand coiled from earthy clays.

Despite these differing approaches, Tarsh and Susan’s work both reflect a sense of place and an affinity with the natural Tasmanian environment.

Image Credits:

1. Susan Simonini

2. Tarsh Bonnice

3. Susan Simonini

Cover image: Susan Simonini