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The Creative environment; a place for everyone

Each time I drive from Hobart to Cradle Mountain I am reminded of the extraordinary colours of nature. Nobody can do green like nature. The lush, luminescent lime green that appears at dusk to welcome in the evening.

The Path by Dan Broun

Landscape inspires artists. It always has. Sometimes an artist can try to replicate their environment through a realistic rendering; mimicking the colours, lines and features. Wilderness photographers are constantly trying to do this but at a time when digital photography has taken over, these artists are trying to stretch the idea of photography.

Rogue by Hillary Younger

While wilderness photographers including Dombrovksis and Truchanas spent weeks and months in remote Tasmanian locations to take the perfect photograph, contemporary artists such as Hillary Younger are exploring the possibilities and expressing their environment in a more abstract or impressionistic manner; referencing a place through colours, shapes and light to create a mood or an environment that transcends the real. The travel and adventure is still very much part of the experience with Younger and others such as Dan Broun, David Murphy and Nicole Anderson heading off into the wilderness to take time with their subject.

The wonderful thing about photography, just like other art forms, is that there’s room for everyone, from Phillip Englands tintype, to Rick Eaves’ photojournalism and Peter Dombrovskis’ extraordinary works that still lead the way. My attitude is bring it on, as it can only enhance the diversity, ecology and the viewer experience and continue to explore our fascinating and inspirational natural environment.