Serena Rosevear

Exhibition: Making Place

Serena Rosevear is an artist for whom place is integral to the ideas, making and exhibition of her work.  Interested in small stories at the periphery of better known histories, research forms a large part of her process.  Often very low fired or unfired, she regularly uses clay dug from the site of her interest, sometimes employing time or water to bring it to disintegrate during exhibition. Her work is deceptively simple in form and employment of process, yet strong in conceptual narrative. Having lived her whole life in Tasmania Serena’s work is intimately connected to her home state’s past, present and future.

As a designer and maker of functional objects Serena has a particular interest in how design can influence behaviour and enhance experience.  Her ceramic forms are routinely designed to be held in full contact with the hands, where unglazed surfaces and warmth transferred from the food within provide an enhanced haptic experience.  Through design Serena strives to promote a slower, more considered activity by the user.