Jonathan Bowden

Exhibition: Of Stone and Shadows

Born in Melbourne, Jonathan Bowden spent his formative years in England. After taking a natural sciences degree at Cambridge, he studied art in London and exhibited there from 1968-1980. Since returning to Australia in 1980 he has established a reputation as a profound and perceptive observer of the Australian landscape. Bowden works directly from nature, with each painting, whether in oil or pastel, involving many repeated visits to the same place at the same hour of the day until he has captured its essential character. This method of working was pioneered by English and French Impressionists and Bowden studied their methods extensively before settling in Launceston Tasmania, where he now lives with his family.

“When I arrived in Tasmania in 1980 I was immediately captivated by the landscape. Its vitality and freshness and sheer visual diversity.

What I have felt compelled to do in the intervening twenty odd years is to describe it, in all its moods and seasons, in all its weathers and times of day. I’ve felt it mattered. I’ve felt that there was a message here especially for those of us who grew up in more crowded places where nature, or what was left of it, was relegated to national parks.”

For the first time in many years this exhibition, ‘Of Stone and Shadows’ here at the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery, offers visitors the chance to see a selection of Bowden’s works, including latest works and a combination of both small and larger paintings which reflect the local landscape and his Tasmania.

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