Hiromi Tango

Artworks: Art Magic – Climbing tree located in the foyer of the gallery

Hiromi Tango is a Japanese Australian artist who is internationally recognised for her art which focuses on connecting, making and exchanging. She believes that through the process of wrapping and working together we develop important connections as individuals, groups and communities.

In 2014 she worked with Launceston based artist Ralf Haertel and Interweave Arts to create Art Magic – the Climbing Tree, which brought together the wrapping of textiles, materials and objects to depict the three rivers from the north of Tasmania; North Esk, South Esk and the Tamar River. It involved more than 300 individuals and many community, art and school groups and the final installation was seen at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

This is only the second time it has been displayed and this iteration, with the addition of the Forth River took six days and more than 10 people to install it.