Helene Boyer

Exhibition: Of Wet and Wildness

After a successful career as an educator in northern Tasmania, Helene began the journey of a self-taught glass artist and has established an ongoing workspace at the Tin Shed Artist Studios in Launceston. She is committed to celebrating and valuing the complexity, fragility and beauty of the natural world and to raising awareness of related environmental issues.

Her sculptural work combines flame-worked or kiln-fired glass with glass paints, clay, metal, found objects, concrete or acrylic.  Few glass artists in Australia work in the medium of ‘pate de verre’ or combine kiln-worked glass with flame-worked glass.  Helene’s pate de verre vessels are created by carefully packing small grains of glass into a hand built plaster mould before kiln-firing, the mould is destroyed during the process so no two are ever the same.

Helene publishes examples of her working processes and completed works on Instagram @hmboyer