Fyona Storer

Fyona Storer is an artist who takes her time to portray the animals she loves. Living in Hobart, Fyona’s work has attracted immense interest, with her latest original drawing of the thylacine, taken from a photograph of one of the last at the Bronx Zoo in New York, leaving the state.

My artwork is a continuous journey to bring a reality, a soul and tangible life-like essence to our fellow animals which inhabit (or have inhabited) this Earth which we share.

Coloured Pencils, as a medium, provide the opportunity tocreate with dynamic precision. From this, I am able to render the high level of detail expressed within each portrait.

I enjoy the challenge of depicting the contours, textures and patterns that I discover within each animal. My goal is to provide an evocative experience for the viewer, where within the visual entirety of each artwork it becomes possible to sense how that animal may well feel – literally, in its depicted physical form, and perhaps, I hope, spiritually as well.