Dore Stockhausen

Exhibition: Walking Pace

Dore Stockhausen is a Victorian based painter who shares her personal response to the beauty of landscape in contemporary abstract paintings.

As a child Stockhausen grew up with her mother’s gold smithing bench and enamel kiln in the kitchen and lots of paintings on the walls.  This encouraged her to pursue her own career in art, first in gold smithing though now, 35 years later she prefers the brushes to the hammers.  For the last three years has been painting full time and was a finalist in the 2018 Glover Prize.

During her long jewellery career enameling was Stockhausen’s favourite technique because it allowed her to introduce colour to her pieces and paint on a small scale. This technique is not dissimilar to her current acrylic painting practice in which she combs, pushes and scrapes the paint over the canvas and when dry, sandpapers it back to a smooth surface. Parts of the understory then re-emerge as revealed fragments through layers and layers of washes.

Now living in rural Victoria Stockhausen’s work is influenced by the natural environment, yet every painting contains contrasting unnatural elements as well. Through this use of hard edge abstraction Stockhausen shares her personal response to the ethereal beauty of landscapes, yet reminds us of our human interference; not as a judgmental comment,  but as the picture in full.