Bob Brown Foundation

Exhibition: Tarking in Motion: A Retrospective

The Bob Brown Foundation campaigns to protect the wild and scenic beauty of Tasmania and the ecological integrity of Australia.

For five years, hundreds of artists have visited takayna / Tarkine with the Bob Brown Foundation, immersing in some of the wildest, most beautiful and most threatened landscapes to take action through art and contributing to Australia’s biggest environmental arts project, Tarkine in Motion.

Tarkine in Motion: A Retrospective featured the work of over 35 contributing artists including:

Taj Gates
Michael Dempsey
Andrew Thomas
Deb Wace
Kip Nunn
Geraldina Dijkstra
Phil Oneill
Dan Broun
Francois Fourie
Chloe Wolsley
Hillary Younger
Nicole Anderson
Loic Le Guilly
Grant Murray
Mel Hills
Carol Barnett
Carl Whittaker
Joanna Pinkewicz
John Fibbens
Carmen Hannay
Anne Conron
Todd Jenkins
Kelly Slater
Tim Cooper
Nick Monk
Tania Slapar Koman
Pingala Walsh
Al Long
Arwen Dyer
Aviva Reed
Oliver Bain
Charles Chadwick
Lou Anne Barker
Michael Gay

For more information about this on-going art movement visit: