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by Amanda Walker by Jeff Jennings by Dennis Harding by Loic Le Guilly The Wildernesss GalleryDestinations by RACT

2008-2009 Exhibitions
Africa -- Alice Bennett and Phil Kuruvita
Meeting Apollo -– Angela Waterson
2007-2008 Exhibitions
Mother Earth -- Masaaki Aihara
Endangered, Tasmania’s Wild Places -– Tasmanian Photographers
TEMPO rhythms of life -– Jason Edwards
Tasmanian World Heritage Area -- The Wilderness Gallery Prize for Photography Finalists
Extreme Environments Photographic Competition -- Finalists
Australian Wildlife -- Gerry Pearce
Aqua Obscura -- Toby Greenleas
The Tasmanian Devil - Devils@Cradle
Sublime (Living Artist Week) -- Various
2006-2007 Exhibitions
Far and Wild -- Darren Jew
Rock Art -- Chris McMahon
Dombrovskis Award Winner 2005 -- Nerida Manson
Dombrovskis Award Winner 2004 -- Kim Rumbold
Available Light -- Scott Haskins
A Detached View -- Lindsay Stepanow
Frozen -- Doug Thost
Peter Dombrovskis
Land of Extremes -- Ted Mead
Endemic Species (Ten Days on the Island 2007)
2005-2006 Exhibitions
LadybirDelicious -- Jane Davenport
Tasmanian Landscapes -- Dennis Harding
Elemental -- Loic Le Guilly
Freycinet -- Rob Blakers
Tapestry -- Jeff Jennings
Southern Islands, Macquarie Island and South Georgia -- Grant Dixon
Graham Wootton
Surreal Coastline of Australia -- Robert Bole
Talking to the Spirits of the Land -- Masaaki Aihara
Tom Quilty Photographic competition -– Finalists
Albatross -- Jeff Jennings
Element -- Richard Bennett
Photograph Tasmania (Living Artist Week 2005) -– Loic Le Guilly & Ian Wallace
2004-2005 Exhibitions
Karst -- Fred Koolhoff
Trip-Tych -- Murray Fredericks
Imperfections -- Martin Hawes & Ron Moss
Intimate Landscapes -- Simon Olding
Tasmania from the NE to SW –- Various
The Seasons, Cradle Mountain -– Various
The Sky Above, The Sea Below -– various
Capturing Canada -- Ian Wallace
Break of Day Competition -– Finalists
Paul Barrington
Birds (Ten days on the Island 2005) -- Various
Environmental Photography in the Wilderness (Living Artist Week 2004) -- Various
2003-2004 Exhibitions
Tasmania from the NE to SW –- Various
The Seasons, Cradle Mountain –- Various
The Sky Above, The Sea Below –- various
Antarctica –- Various
North of Forty Degrees South -- Various
Hyper Realty Images -- Stuart Owen Fox
Framing the View -- Peter Dombrovskis and John Fairhall
Landscape –- Ivan Stringer, Alan Moyle, Tim Faircloth, Cam Crawford
John Cato
Inaugural Ascent of Everest -- Alfred Gregory
The Wilderness Gallery (Living Artist Week 2003) - Various


Cradle Mountain Hotel